Saturday, July 19, 2008

Teacher Gifts - Survival Kits

This year I made survival kits for the "end of year" teacher gifts. They were a lot of fun to put together and the teachers really enjoyed them. We're sure it made the unique gift of the year and brought many smiles to their faces as it was pratical stuff (you know....not the ordinary picture frame, candles, and gazillion other housewares that you don't know where to put). ....and with this many things/assortment there sure has to be something the teacher will love.

I found these boxes at Christmas Tree Shops. Do you have one of those??? They are great!! The larger box was only $4.99 and the smaller boxes were $3.99. I love the colors and the handle is quite unique and pretty. You can use any box for this. I almost bought the photo storage boxes.
....and here's what the tags say....
Notepad - "Just a note to let you know you are appreciated."
Lifesavers - " Some days you are one, and some days you need one."
Hershy Bar with almonds - " Open in case of a chocolate emergency for when they're driving you nuts."
Note: I didn't include this because it's June and hot in school and I was afraid it would melt and ruin everything.
Post -its - "To remind you that this class sticks together"
Swedish Fish - " Open when you've ofFISHally had enough."
Gum - "To remind you that you are worth a MINT."
Kleenex - "To wipe the tears..... yours and theirs."
Starburst -"To give you a burst of energy when you need it."
Hand sanitizer - " You're always giving us a hand."
Pencils - "You are one sharp teacher."

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